Our ThaiTalian Story

We first met while working in Dover, Delaware. As our friendship grew we discovered we had a common interest in home cooking, just from different parts of the world - Italy and Thailand. We found that we love traditional home-cooked meals. Some of our fondest memories include learning how to cook with our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and uncles.

The dishes we offer to you represent some of our favorite family meals - the ones you would cook after a hard day or to celebrate an important family event. As a couple, we have strived to share our food traditions with our family and friends. We also have made new culinary traditions as our family has grown. Even though we know everyone is different, we see a common thread: everyone loves to eat!

Some of the best family memories we have are working together in the kitchen. To us, it is not only an expression of the love we have for each other, our children, and our friends, but also of God's Glory and how he has led us to be here. We hope you enjoy our food and our infused culinary creations here in Cambridge, Maryland's Mid-Shore. If you do ... TELL EVERYONE!

If you don't enjoy something, please tell us! You are the reason we open the doors and we want you to be happy and well fed when you leave.

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Mid-Shore Community Association Member

Mid-Shore Community Association Member
Thaitalian Infusion Cuisine LLC, in Cambridge, MD are Proud Members of the Dorchester Chamber of Commerce.